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Grand Circle Travel (GCT) seems to play a few nasty 'games' -- cheating its customers!!!

1. When flying on a commercial airline, booked through GCT, they negotiate a deal (to increase their profit margin) which also PRECLUDES the traveler from getting FREQUENT FLYER credits!!

Moreover, GCT has a ploy to award a small number of point i.e. around 5% of the total mileage, in order to elude 'getting caught'. After all, most people (we did!!) see frequent flyer credit and don't bother to check how many points they actually received!!!

2. Forced (credit card charge) for tipping!!!

Upon boarding the Yangtze river cruise boat, we were informed that our credit cards will be charged a flat fee of $150.oo each for tipping. We protested that we need to experience the service first, then determine how much to tip (more or less) but they INSISTED!!!

NASTY, and GREEDY !!!!

GCT is not a choice we will ever make, or recommend.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Monflanquin, Aquitaine, France #965510

I've seen this exact same "review" copied and pasted all over travel forums. Most responses seem to indicate that this isn't the case.

You registered with Fodor's to post this one comment a few years ago and never posted again... or even responded to the comments of others regarding their contrary experiences. Weird. And if they did actually charge you $150 for tips it would've been in your contract ahead of time.

It states clearly on the first page of their website that they do not charge for tips.

to Blahblahprofitmarginblah Sarasota, Florida, United States #965511

Perfect example of a grouch who needs to complain, and more....


You have got to be kidding me?!

When you book with a tour operator and they do your air, it is common knowledge they have a negotiated price with the airline, and because you are not purchasing a full fare ticket, you obviously would not get full mileage credit for your trip.

Any experienced travel would know this. How could they award you miles if they are not the airline?!?!?! The airline makes the choice as how much credit they give, because, after all, it is their mileage system.

Use your brain here my friend. No one can force you to tip, that is just silly you would even say that.

to CommonSense #732668

Please note: As long as the booked flights are on a regularly scheduled flight, using a commercial airline, it is that airline that is responsible. UNLESS, of course, Grand Circle arranges a 'sweetheart deal' that deprives passengers of the mileage credit.

I still say that this is a NASTY TRICKS that cheats the customers!!

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