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The law firm of Motley and Rice Law Firm has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Grand Circle Travel for the death of a passenger who was killed as a result of the injuries she suffered in this accident. Motley and Rice is also representing a few other people who have catastrophic injuries from this accident. Two months ago a female passenger who was on the tour has died from her injuries. Another passenger a 80 year old grandmother suffered irreversible injuries in which she is permanently paralyzed.

The driver of the tour bus was speeding and had his lights turned off. The guide who was on the Tour bus hired by Grand Circle Travel was asleep who was in charge of the safety of every tourist on the tour bus. I have tried so hard the entire year to get the information out that Grand Circle Travel did not offer anyone the option to fly. There were several Tourist on the Tour bus who wanted to pay to fly. Grand Circle Travel told them they would have to take the Tour bus. Just a few days ago I found out on the internet that there was another Tour bus accident last month in which 11 people from Hungary and Russia were killed when the driver of the Tour bus was speeding in Hurgahada near the Red Sea.The Tour bus flipped over.

There is a article on the website of Motley and Rice lawfim. Please visit the website to see that all of the information I am providing you is 100% accurate and can not be disputed. What I can not provide is to show you how much my Father, my family, myself,and every other family member is suffering. It has tore a whole in my heart forever. I have tried the entire year to get my message broad casted so no one else will go through the same thing.

Please tell everyone about my story. I want to educate everyone how dangerous it is traveling in Egypt. If they want to go anywhere in Egypt,especially with how much chaos this country is in. Take the time on the internet and do your own research. You can see for yourself.

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Grand Circle Travel books tours on a regular basis to Egypt.Amongst the sites they promote a trip to see the Temple Of Abu Simbel.Despite the fact that there have been over a dozen fatal accidents involving tour buses since 2006, they curiously fail to inform their clients that of flying to Aswan, Cairo, Abu Simbel or Luxor is an option. Unfortunately my Mother and Father were not told about the aforementioned option. On December 26,2010 there were three buses carrying 115 passengers to see the Temples of Abu Simbel. The first bus of the caravan drove around a dump truck full of tons of sand that was sticking out on the highway. The driver crashed into the dump truck killing my Mother and seven other people.My Father and 26 people seriously injured. Two people are paralyzed. Two months ago, another person has died from this accident.

This horrific tragedy was reasonably foreseeable, and Grand Circle Travel, & Misr Sinai caused me the loss of my Mother and the other eight people who were killed.It has devastated the lives of everyone who was on that bus as well as their loved ones.

I do not want to see anyone other people getting killed.Do the research to see for yourselves.All of the information is online. There was a Tour Bus accident on November 20, 2010, 26 days before my parents accident near the Red Sea. Eight Tourist were killed and 40 people seriously injured. Grand Circle Travel never stopped booking these tours.

I am posting this to get my message out.On behalf of all of the victims who are dead and seriously injured. Please tell all your family and friends about this tragedy. There is not one thing that will bring back my Mother or anyone else involved in that accident.My Fathers heart is broken forever. Boycott Grand Circle Travel and Misr Sinai.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Accidents can happen anywhere,GCT can not be held responsible for a driver of a tour you can not be responsible for a person who borrows your car and gets into an accident.


This is the first time I have read about this terrible accident. I am so soory for your loss.

I have traveled with Grand Circle four times. Italy, Ireland, and two river cruises. I throughout the whole trip. was thrilled with every trip.Did I ever experience a problem?

Sure. On my trip last summer the airline lost my luggage and I didn't receive it until a week or two after I returned home.

I did not blame Grand Circle...airlines do these things.Our tour guide, Robert, tried to "find" my luggage throughout the whole trip. Again, I can feel the pain of your loss.But I also agree with another commentor who suggested that certain places in the world are not as safe as others.It seems that you might want to consider that there are things that are beyond the control of any tour company no matter how conscientious and careful they might be.


We also travelled with GCT to Egypt and took Abu Simbel optional excursion several years ago.

We were flown there as that was the only

transportation GCT offered at that time.

GCT must be getting cheap. Terrible.


This was a terrible tradgedy. My wife and I took this trip in November before this horrible bus accident.

Abu Simbel was one of the highlights of the trip.

We have travelled twice with Grand Circle and have excellent service both times. I remember the road accross the Sahara, it was narrow, like a country road in the US, but many buses and trucks travel it every day.


On September 29, 2010 a ballon trip that was a side trip to Grand Circle's related company (Overseas Adventure Travel) Tanzania trip crashed, killing two (including an OAT passenger) and badly injuring six (including another OAT) passenger. OAT briefly ceased offering the trip then resumed. No investigation of the safety of the balloon company by OAT is evident.


Ravenspa. I am sorry for your lost and the lost of the other passengers.

When your in a third world country the driving rules are different. I hope your suing the Bus company and country.

Grand circle alwasy think about the safety of its passengers, Its a shame that such an *** was behind the wheel. I hope GCT offered something in return for your loss

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