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Traveled with them 5 times and was generally happy . This last year they made a 180 degree about face regarding their single travelers and retention policies.

They had advertised their appreciation of solo travelers and welcomed them even sending notices of expanding availability a couple years ago. Suddenly that changed dramatically and they began restricting availability and other perks. Solos can no longer take advantage of special offers if they are even able to book a solo spot. Many repeat customers were upset and vocal about the policy changes on the company discussion boards including myself.

My take on those and other policy changes such as now refusing AMEX and not allowing credit cards to be used for gratuities is that they are in financial difficulty.

The result is that they have now blocked me from posting anything on their travel forum. Must have hit too close to the truth.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yes, I worked for them for a while. They are all about getting your money and hoping that you don't complain about what you get.

Their ships are old- 20 years- and are really not comparable in the sense to their competitors. They grossly overcharge for their flights ( 500.00 more than you can get) and if you don't buy theirs they charge you for transfers. They brag about how great they are for solo travelers, but solo travelers are discriminated against for promotions and cabin assignments.

The travel insurance they push is much higher than you can get on your own, and they call it "cancel for any reason". What they wont tell you upfront is that it is a voucher for future travel, and not a refund.

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